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Global, Multi-Asset Portfolios

Gain immediate access to global markets and diversify across 11,000 stocks and bonds.

Our portfolios offer diversification to the largest equity and fixed income markets in the world. Our selected equity funds include representations from the 20 largest stock markets by capitalisation and almost 5,000 holdings. Our selected fixed income funds include representations across multiple currencies, credit rating grades and hold over 6,000 securities. As market returns deviate across geographies, global diversification allows us to further manage risk and reduce portfolio volatility.

Cost-Efficient Portfolios

Enhance your returns with low expense, tax efficient ETFs.

Fund expenses and withholding taxes have an undesired effect of reducing returns. We have selected cost efficient funds, primarily consisting of index exchange traded funds (ETFs) with low expense ratios, to create low cost portfolios.

The average expense ratio of equity and fixed income ETFs we have selected stand at just 0.13% and 0.4% respectively compared with 1.90% and 1.45% in our survey of equity and fixed income unit trusts available in Singapore.

We have also analyzed where ETFs are domiciled and listed in order to minimize dividend/distribution taxes, and have as a result geared our selections towards London-listed, Ireland-domiciled ETFs which are not subject to withholding tax at the investor level. Other things being equal, lower fees and taxes mean higher returns.

Realise Your Financial Goals

With our intelligent platform and customised portfolios, you can invest for your retirement, children's education or to build long-term wealth.

Our technology keeps your investments on track as you progress towards your goals. As you stay invested, you stand a good chance of achieving compounded returns.